Mar 20 2014

Trip to Bagan

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Start of our tour de force one-day Pagan trip. The flight to Nyaung U started at a mental 6:15. The return flight was 17:55, just in time to arrive back in Yangon before going out at night. We rented a taxi for the whole day with a very enthusiastic driver that wanted to show us as many temples in as little time possible.

 There were so few tourists that many of the temples were either completely empty or only had 1-2 people visiting. A situation unheard of in other countries (especially China).

 This spectacular view was taken from a small temple with stairs to the roof, looking a bit like a Mayan Pyramid. 

After taking a rest and some picture from up the temple roof we left with our taxi. Only after having finished seeing another temple I realized that I've left my bag containing my passport on the temple top. Upon driving back there we saw a gathering of people around a table next to the temple. The whole contents of my bag were nicely spread out on the table including my passport and a few other nice items such as used handkerchiefs and a dirty sock. An imposing police officer stood next to the alleged thief who was in obvious distress and with teary eyes. I got my stuff back and the thief probably a few baton hits.

 I don't know what these two fellas were doing there, but they enjoyed posing for a few photos.





Buddhas galore.


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