Jul 13 2009

Train journey day 2

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When I woke up the train was already in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. At 6 o'clock in the morning the first snow covered mountains appeared.

The next 4 hours the train passed through the Kekexili area (83'000 square km), the worlds third least populated area. However a lot of wild life including rabbits, wild yaks and sheep could be seen all over the place.

Passing the Tanggula Mountains. The mountains are up to 6600 m in height.

After Tanggula mountains the train passes the highest elevation. The picture was made at 4888m. Shortly after we passed the Tangula rainway station, at 5068 m the highest train station in the world. I was a little disappointed, that the train did not stop for a breath of fresh air.

Passing the Cuona lake at 4595m. This is the highest freshwater lake in the world and double the size of Neuenburgersee.

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