Character Trainer

Character Trainer
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This application trains the most common 3000 Chinese characters by order of their frequency. The most common characters will be trained first, less common characters later. The application uses a simplified spaced repetition algorithm which means that better known characters are queried less often. Chinese Character Trainer also keeps track of all characters that the user knows, so it can be used as an effective tool to know the amount of known Chinese characters. The application does not need the internet, except if the user wants to import or export known characters. New in Version 3: The application now supports saving and restoring the whole learning results to and from Skydrive. Also a new functionality was introduced to specifically repeat problematic words that were guessed wrongly more than a selected amount of times (Revise Mode). New in Version 4: Speech output New in Version 5: Word list shows known characters in green and unknown in red
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Chinesisches Wörterbuch

Chinesisches Wörterbuch
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Chinesisches Wörterbuch ist ein einfaches Deutsch-Chinesisches Wörterbuch, welches auf HanDeDict basiert und etwa 150'000 Einträge besitzt. Das Nachschlagen von Wörtern braucht keine Internetverbindung.

- Pinyin-Suche (mit oder ohne Töne).
- Suche nach deutschen Wörtern.
- Anzeige von Wortbestandteilen und verwandten Wörtern.
- Speichern von Wörtern in Favoriten-Liste.
- Verlauf der letzten Suchen
- Export der Favoriten-Liste über Email.
- Wechsel zwischen vereinfachten und traditionellen Zeichen.
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Chinese Dictionary

Chinese Dictionary
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Chinese Dictionary is a simple, easy to use Chinese-English dictionary based on CC-CEDICT (arount 100,000 entries). No internet connection is required for querying.

- Searching using pinyin (with or without tones).
- Searching for English words.
- Searching using Chinese characters.
- Display of related words with same characters.
- Lookup history
- Favourites list
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Prayer Wheel

Prayer Wheel
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This accurate simulation of a tibetan prayer wheel can be spun by moving the mobile phone in a circular fashion. Spinning it clockwise will activate a group of monks praying the mantra "Om mani padme hum".  A corresponding text in Tibetan will also scroll over the screen.
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Chinese Japanese Korean

Chinese Japanese Korean
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Can you guess whether a person is from China, Japan or Korea ? This application contains over 180 faces from these three asian countries. You can choose from these options:
Chinese vs Japanese
Chinese vs Korean
Japanese vs Korean
Chinese vs Japanese vs Korean

A score will be determined each time the game is played. Endless random variations for prolonged fun! Test yourself and your friends!
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    by User7/11/2013
    It's ok. It would be nice if it told you the right answers somewhere so you can learn to spot the differences.
    by User6/2/2013
    Actually kind of fun lol. At least to try.

Red Sea Simulator

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Online Chinese Character Study Tool

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